Have you noticed that constant chatter in your head as your providing services? Does that voice act as your cheerleader helping you to expand and grow your abilities? Or does it happen to put a negative tint on your day

Most stylists will experience both positive and negative internal self-coaching from these voices throughout their work day. It is normal and natural.

The most common triggers that result in negative self-coaching are:

• Being called upon to provide services that you are uncomfortable with.
• Problems satisfying Guests receiving the same service in the past.
• Being overwhelmed or frustrated by the personality of the Guest.

Most stylist will tell you that they are not at their best when these voices are trending negative. That’s because a Creative Mind needs harmony, balance, and openness in order to offer its best in creativity.

You have the power to confront those voices when they become negative!

Your first step in controlling negative self-coaching is to realize when those voices go from positive encouragement and switch over to detrimental negativity.

  • Start by simply hearing what you say to yourself each day, through each interaction and situation.
  • Think about how your motivation relates to the way you’re speaking to yourself each day. When you’re in a good mood, how do you talk to yourself?
  • When you’re in a bad mood and having a terrible day, observe how you speak to yourself changes… or does it stay the same?

You can adjust the way you talk to yourself by replacing the negative thoughts you think with positive thoughts. It can be as simple as that. Simply come up with a thought that will oppose your critical self-talk.

For example, if you say, “I’m just going to keep disappointing people,” you can replace that thought with, “I am growing each and every day and the past does not control the future.

This type of resetting the way you treat yourself will have a hugely positive long-term effect. You will notice your thoughts becoming more positive. Pay attention to how your mood changes as a result.

Empower yourself to make change happen!